Unit 26 Managing Business Information Essay

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Btec Unit 26 P1,P2,P3,P4

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Bart Hendriks
Unit 26
P1, P2, P3, P4

P1: Describe, by using clear examples, the characteristics of the information used within your selected business. Look at types of information; quality of information and usability.

* Primary: The data or information is gathered first-hand. * Secondary: The data or information has already been gathered before. * Internal: The data or information is gathered by the company which uses the data or information. * External: The data or information is gathered outside the company which uses the data (it is gathered by another organisation or source ).

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The information is from an internal source: a voicemail from a client of Mutatio.

Hi mom, this is Karen speaking. I am calling because I have pain in my back and in my neck for the last 3 days. Is it possible to make an appointment for tomorrow? Call me back, bye.

Is the information Complete and accurate?
If a client calls and leaves a voicemail behind, it is important that the information includes: the name of the person calling, phone-number (if it is not a registered client) and there reason of calling, mostly because of an injury. The injury needs to be explained shortly and accurate so that Jeanny Louvenberg knows how seriously the injury is.
Because Karen Janssen already is a client, she doesn’t have to leave her number on the voicemail.

The above said information shows that the information is complete and very accurate, because she explained very clear in 2 sentences who she is and why she called.

Is the information Timely?
The information is timely, because Karen Janssen has an injury know and wants to get a treatment tomorrow.

does the information Fit-for-Purpose?
The information is Fit-for-Purpose. The information meets the requirements and is useful for Mrs. Louvenberg. Mrs. Louvenberg is able to treat Karen Janssen tomorrow.

Is the

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