My Holiday Essay Spm My Idol

There’s no one in the world as wonderful as my mom. She’s the Claire Dunphy to my Haley and Alex, the Kim to my Northwest, and the Lorelai to my Rory…  

1.     She’s my favorite person in the world

My mom is my favorite person to be around, enough said. There’s nobody I would rather spend my time with.  There’s no hugs like my moms hugs!

2.     She loves me unconditionally

My mom forgives me for all of my mistakes. She understood when I failed my first college assignment or got back together with that idiot guy in high school. There’s nothing I could do that would make her love me less.

3.     She’s silly with me

My mom is my go-to for a fun time. She sings obnoxiously with me in the car, and lets me dance around public places. She makes pringle beaks with me and laughs at my dumb jokes. People wonder where I get my crazy…

4.     She supports me and wants me to succeed

My mom was never one to tell me I couldn’t do something. She worked hard to get me to college and talked me through my stupidest ideas for a major. Even through it all, she doesn’t care as long as I succeed.

5.     She keeps me connected to home

Being from Connecticut and over 1000 miles from home is not easy. My mom has a way of knowing when I’m home sick and sends me the cutest care packages to cheer me up!

6.     She makes me happy when I’m sad

She’ll come cuddle me in my bed when I’m upset about even the smallest things. My mom will do everything in her power to make me smile when I’m down.

7.     She knows me better than I know myself

Going off of the last point, my mom knows when I’m upset even if I’m lying saying I’m not. She can tell something’s up, whether good or bad, just by looking at my face. Maybe it’s because we’re so similar.

8.     She’s like Wonder Woman

My mom raised my siblings and I without any slip-up. She effortlessly got everything done from practices, to home-cooked dinners, to trips to visit family I hope to be half the woman she is one day! Mom, you deserve all the daisies in the world!

My Idol in My Life

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The person affects my life the most, and also my only idol, my goal of living is my grandma. In the time when most Asian women did not dare to express themselves, to speak out what was on their mind, my grandmother did. Her rare personality was popular and highly respected among those who knew her. At that time women would not have good education, however everybody would turn to my grandmother’s wisdom to ask for help. She was smart and profound but yet vigorously caring and loving towards her family, relatives and friends. I was her favorite grandchildren, and as I got to stay with her the longest my childhood was actually full of her love and teachings. Whenever I feel down and helpless with my life, my grandmother has always been my…show more content…

As people recognized her smart thinking and brave personality, they began to listen and appreciate her words. In such a conservative community, the scene of a woman leading the family and be the judge of even her husband’s second wife’s household is one-of-a-kind. Compared to her fellows in the same generation, she was one of the exceptional women who received the right status and the power most Asian women never dreamt of. Even the elderly in my grandfather’s family had to admit she had the will and the soul of a leader “who would survive through the toughest battle”.

My grandmother was a woman of a strong will and a soft heart. Though the economy reached the bottom edge and it was hard even to get enough food for the household, she never let her children miss a day of school. Fruits were “luxurious” snack at that time, but she still tried to get my uncles, my aunt and my mom a “fruit day” every month. She would bring home enough fruits for her kids to eat as much as they wanted so that they would not ask for it for the following days. She would go all around the city to find the right book for her children, though books were gold in those days and it could cost half her monthly salary. When her children grew up and there came her grandchildren, my grandmother took care of her grandsons and daughters so their parents could go to work. I was her favorite grandchildren; the one to get most of her love

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