Lord Of The Flies The Beast Essay

The Importance Of "The Beast" In "Lord Of The Flies"

The beast, in "Lord of the Flies", is a very important figure. He is first introduced near the beginning of the story and only reveals himself in the end, to only one boy-Simon. The beast was evil and played its part in the story’s plot well. It gave the story a greater sense of realism; it played up the savagery and the pain taking over the boys’ lives. The beast itself represented many things in the novel and changed as the book went on. The beast created the fear in the boys that changed them drastically, for the worst.

As the beast was not a physical character it represented itself through many forms. It portrayed itself, firstly, as the boys’ human id. Golding’s main theme for Lord of the Flies was to explain and prove how man would turn savage if he were not kept in a civilisation with rules and laws. The boy’s inner evil had grown naturally, without their knowledge, because they had been taken out of civilization. Their childhood innocence had been destroyed by that darker side.

Fear was associated with the beast and vice-versa. The boys fear was caused by the unknown. The boys were afraid of what they did not know or could not see, like how the littluns felt in the dark. Chapter four page 64 Golding: “They suffered untold terrors in the dark and huddled together for comfort.” In their minds their image of what or who the beast is grows together with their fear for it. The more they feared it the scarier and more powerful it became. As their terror for the beast grew inside their heads so did their interpretation of the beast. The beast in the boy’s imagination became very real to them; they believed in it and had a deep fear for it. It became a vicious cycle in their thoughts because the more they feared the beast the bigger it became and the bigger it becomes the more fear they had for it.

Simon was the first of the boys to find out what the beast really is. In one of Ralph’s meetings, while they were discussing what the beast may be, he spoke up and told them that maybe it was only them. That they, the boys, were really the beast and the beast in their heads is nonsense. Simon says: “What I mean is…maybe it’s only us.” But that only sends the boys howling with laughter at poor Simon and the truth he has just spoken.

The beast’s description changes dramatically through the novel. A little boy, with a mulberry coloured birthmark, starts the first talk of a beast-like creature. He asks the older boys what they are going to do about the snake like beastie he saw in the woods. They all laugh at him but small boy does not give up on what he saw and persists. Even though all the...

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Importance of The Beast in Lord of The Flies by William Golding

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Importance of The Beast in Lord of The Flies by William Golding

All the way throughout the book, of ‘Lord of the Flies’ there is one main, big theme; the beast. It was first introduced by a small boy who was described as ‘a shrimp of a boy, about six years old, and on one side of his face was blotted out by a mulberry-coloured birthmark.’

The boy with the mulberry-coloured birthmark said that it was ‘a snake-thing, ever so big.’ By describing the beast as a ‘snake-thing’ makes it sound like as if it is something quite abnormal, because he’s not so sure about it being a snake. This keeps the beast more of a mystery, and starts making the beast as the unknown. The beast being a snake is quite significant because it’s not a…show more content…

During the assembly Ralph tries to explain his thoughts on the beast, but because the original suggestion of the beast was that it was seen in the dark, nearly everyone was scared, and nobody was particularly listening to what he was saying. This was also because he was giving them a long list of complaints, so they weren’t interested. ‘ “Then people started getting frightened.” A murmur, almost a moan, rose and passed away. “But that’s littluns’ talks….deciding on the fear… I’m frightened myself, sometimes; only that’s nonsense…”’ page 88. At the end he says that he’s sometimes frightened himself. He brings this up very quickly to show that he is just like one of them being scared, but he knows that he’s being silly, and shouldn’t believe in things like the beast.

As soon as Samneric first come to Ralph and claim that they’ve seen the beast, when they’ve actually seen a dead parachutist moving in the wind, Ralph asks Piggy so quickly for the spears, as if he had always feared the beast along with the other boys, even though he didn’t show it. ‘ “We saw the beast-”… “Piggy – where are the spears?” ’page 107.
After this point in the novel all the boys except from Simon believe in the beast and now are all thinking about hunting and killing it to be safe. Ralph now realises, that being chief, he should

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