Macl 153m Lutron Homeworks

Hi Randy - thanks.

After spending extensive time on the phone with CSR Julia, I think we concluded that the MR16 appears to be wired in series to the rope lighting.

I had what I thought was a similar situation in a remodeled powder room in which I used the same rope lighting. It is powered by a single pole Lutron dimmer (w/integrated bathroom fan timer) which controls a switched outlet in the attic space above that room. I had to plug in a small incandescent lamp in that outlet to provide enough load to the dimmer for it to operate properly.

I assumed that the MR-16 would provide the exact same purpose, but due to how it is wired, apparently, it doesn't. I confirmed this by unplugging the LED rope from the switched outlet, and plugging in an 80 watt lamp instead.

Bam. Circuit instantly worked as it should. Obviously, the LED is wired such that the dimmers see it - and not the puck lights - first (which is stupid), and the capacitive nature of the LED rope both doesn't present enough of a load to the dimmers AND doesn't forward enough power to the puck lights for them to light up and provide load. So now, I'll either have to figure out if it is possible to rewire the MR-16s in parallel (there are two of them, actually; one upfiring and one down within a fireplace recess above the mantel; I had removed the bulb from the one above because the light was annoying) with the switched outlet which powers the LED rope, or I'll have to keep a 25W lamp in that outlet with the LED rope to provide enough initial load, which I've confirmed works.

I have another problem, however. Because a MA-600/1000 isn't really the proper dimmer to use on this circuit (due to the presence of LEDs on the circuit), I had initially wired in a MACL-153M dimmer, without a MA-R.

Because that didn't work, I switched to the MA-1000, which - eventually, per above - I got to work. Once the circuit was confirmed, I went back to rewire the MACL-153M in place, though this time with the MA-R still in place. Simple plug and play.

Doesn't work. I have two of them. Tried them both; neither one is working. I'm going to test both of them in a single pole location with a single incandescent bulb where at present a rocker switch resides to determine if the switches themselves are defective.


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